About Us

Eco-Made is an online company that sells eco-friendly alternatives to our everyday products. We started small by selling just eco-bags and reusable metal straws. But through the years, we learned to develop more products with the help of some volunteers and sponsors. Now, we have already an array of products to choose from which include home cleaning products, mobile and laptop cases, and other fashionable items. We even sell statement shirts here which fabric is made from purely organic materials.


Why do we do this?


We have been asked the same question for more than one occasion already, and we have been giving the same response of “If we don’t, who would?”


Environmental degradation has been a product of debate for many times already. The solution is always to reduce those materials that are proven to be harmful to them. But the problem is that nobody is moving. Even if we know already that the products we are using are extremely harmful to our environment, we still insist on using them. Why? Because they provide convenience and make our jobs easier. Who’d want to use paper bags when it is raining hard when you go to the grocery stores? Of course not you if you don’t want the things you buy to spill off the sidewalk. Because of this, we have tried to come up with a solution that would have the same use to you but with less impact to our surroundings. This is by manufacturing eco-friendly goods.


Our eco-friendly products are available here at our website. So please be a part of our advocacy in helping revive the world. Let us help one another in providing a better living environment for our children and the generations after them. Together, we can make a change.


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