Want to know more about what we offer here? Then refer to the commonly asked questions by our customers and frequent visitors. We have collected them all here so that you could be more informed and for you to be more familiar with our store.


Do you have a physical store?


Currently, we do not have any physical stores. All of our products are being sold only through this website, our social media channels, and through our affiliated partners online which list you could see at our landing page. Although there are already plans to establish a store, we have not finalized it yet. But we are going to update you as soon as we already have a concrete decision regarding this. There are also talks where our partners are requesting our products to be displayed at their stores. Please stay tuned to more information on this.


Do you only use one courier in shipping your products or can we choose our preferred courier if ever we buy from your store?


We use different courier services for our products. We make sure that we would get the best for you at the most affordable price. If you have a preferred courier for the products you would purchase, we can accommodate that also, provided that we have access to them here in Tempe.


Do you provide insurance during shipping?


Insurance is not included in the very low price you pay for the shipping cost. But if you can get one upon check out of your products. You can choose there whether you want to have an insurance or not after you have chosen from one of our partner courier services.


How do I pay for my purchases?


We accept payment via PayPal and through other major credit card companies. You can also arrange for bank transfers or you can pay in cash upon delivery.