Marvin, 27


The products they sell here are very durable. I’m happy to commission their service in making souvenirs for our office programs. They create a lot of nice stuff that is very helpful in providing an alternative for plastic materials such as bags. Before they only have normal eco-friendly bags. Now, they already have those hand-woven bags that are more appealing to the eyes. What more is that they even cost less than the plastic ones we usually buy before. The mind behind this company is really brilliant.


Bea, 41


What I love about this company is that they are very persistent in pursuing their advocacy. They really work hard for the sake of everyone. They are very selfless and passionate in this endeavor. I really wish there would be more people like them out there who’d go beyond their comfort zone just so they could provide assistance to those who need them. Kudos to this group for a job well done.


Lena, 26


I was a volunteer here before and all I can say is that everyone who makes up this company is very kind. They helped me in learning about the process of making handicrafts I could use at home. Not only did investing in this allow me to save more money but they are environment-friendly too. I really like also that they reach out to the people always. They conduct seminars, workshops, and talks so that they can encourage more people to help in their own way. They give them tips and most of the time they teach them how to recycle their unused things at home so that they could be reused for other things. This is a nice group to be a part of. I encourage you to help them help you. Let us veer away from pollutants and resort to more environment-friendly products.